We will enhance to create leadership that is compatible with church and address it through theological viewpoints by offering solutions to challenges of that are practical based on fundamental theological education.


To serve the Body of Christ through Trinity Baptist Church by being worship-centered community of learners with focus to missions and theological reflections.


Full Bright Theological Seminary is a ministry of Trinity Baptist Church of Lakewood, Washington. The idea to start this institution was the brainchild of Dr. Francis Githuku and Dr. Jenipher Gachoka. The board of TBC under the leadership of Pastor Jeffrey Forshee agreed with the idea and permission was granted in the year 2020.
It has been a journey full of surprises and eagerness to have an institution not forgetting the nature of preparedness. The main issue was the curriculum development of a seminary. The second and most important was how to reach the target groups. We did understand what the Chinese said, “a journey of a thousand miles start with a single step”.
It was the church that decided to have a ministry to help educate those willing and ready to serve in the vineyard. Our main goal is to equip the church workers with the necessary knowledge and prepare them to serve in the ministry. Those who will engage with us, will gain skills and be transformed to become better leaders and servants in the ministry. The goal is to make this institution a reputable one in the global marketplace that helps bring change and transformation.
FBTS is geared to undertake fully the role of passing an imparting biblical worldview to the learners. We believe in the unity of the body of Christ and the Holy Bible. The main business of FBTS is to fulfill what the Great Commission instructs. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus instructs the disciples on the purpose of their calling. FBTS will send out students to the world to serve the body of Christ.